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What is On Board?

This visionary plan will identify how enhancements to the current bus system, new high capacity transit services and emerging transit technologies can improve future mobility and accessibility for our residents and visitors.

The Need

The Southern Nevada region is rapidly growing and growth is happening everywhere – from new sports teams to new hospitals; from new master planned communities to new employment centers; from new resorts to new education facilities.

As a community, we need to identify ­enhanced multi-modal options that will support this growth, reinvest in our neighborhoods, and allow us to move large amounts of people reliably and efficiently – On Board will help identify potential solutions to this challenge.

The Benefits

Enhancements to the current bus system

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New high capacity transit services 

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Emerging transit technologies

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The Process

We will compile and analyze data, look at best practices across the country, seek and incorporate feedback, and identify emerging transit technologies and trends to ensure that On Board develops a vision of the community’s transit needs for the next 20+ years. The plan is expected to be completed by late 2018.


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